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Music is so evocative.

We used to watch Justified. We'd still be watching it, if it were still on, although I think the 'six seasons and out' plan worked well. Anyway, I was poking about on YouTube looking for music to write to (there's some really good Tolkien fanmusic out there, wow) and I saw the end-credits song from Justified, You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive, Darrell Scott by the original artist and clicked on it. It was great, I loved being reminded of the show...

Today I played the intro song and got chills. Long Hard Times to Come by T.O.N.E.Z. Just the first four or five notes and I was swept back to the story - yowza.

That version of You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive isn't the first one I heard, nor is it the first one they used. Brad Paisley's was the first one (I think it might be the best known version, and he is from around there, if I remember correctly). The show used Patty Loveless' version for a couple of the seasons as well.

Justified was great, filled with interesting, multi-layered characters. They never made anyone hold the Idiot Ball; all the characters were leads in their own story - we were just following Raylan's story as it intersected with theirs.

I still miss that show. I want to know more about Tim and Rachel...


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