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songscloset ([personal profile] songscloset) wrote2017-06-09 10:27 pm

Settling In at The New Job

Well. It's been a couple of weeks and things look good. I've made friends with everyone in my department (that's not hard, there's only three of them) as well as many of the other people in my location. The training is a bit haphazard, but I'm dealing with that well enough, and doing my best to try to fix it so that people trained after me have an easier time.

Apparently, they'd hired someone just before me who had been catastrophically bad, so I'm exceptionally good-looking in comparison. Not that I'm not a good worker/employee, but my natural tendencies to ask intelligent questions and find my own work are set off by the previous disaster.

The first week was mostly reading (so many manuals), but I finished that at least a day ahead of when I was expected to, and with copious notes as well. I then moved on to learning everything I could in the actual lab, which has been entertaining.

Now, what I'm doing is dividing my time between doing everything I'm allowed to in the lab and writing out Training Instructions, including "recipe" sheets for the various repeated tasks, so that new hires don't have to try to figure out what part of the overly complex and esoteric (and abstract) SOP documents apply to the thing they're currently doing.

My boss seems a bit nonplussed by me and my enthusiasm, but he'll get used to it. He doesn't seem unhappy, so that's good.

I'm still stuck on the day-shift schedule, which sucks balls. I'm looking forward to going to Tues-Sat 1-9:30pm. I'll have Mondays and mornings to myself. Woo. I failed my first attempt at the competancy test, but in a really odd way. Apparently, it's common to fail it a couple of times, so I'll take everyone's reassurance and not stress out.

I'm beginning to get used to the schedule - the first week was unexpectedly tiring. (Not helped by the fact that we had a big bbq that first weekend, so I had a lot of personal work over the first weekend.)

Anyway, I haven't gotten anything creative done in weeks, so I'm off to do some writing.

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