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Geordie and I have been watching the X Files. We started watching some time this year - a few months ago. We watch a couple of episodes at a time, in the evenings. Not every evening.

Anyway, we're on Season 8. Scully has already been abducted and returned and has survived cancer and she's pregnant and Mulder's been abducted and returned and they've got this 'new' guy, Agent John Doggett.

Those of you who were in this fandom when it was live and active, what was the fan take on Doggett? What did people think of his relationship with Scully?

(And why don't these people who work together all day every day use each other's first names? It's bizarre. Well, Mulder said that he hates his first name, so he prefers his last name. But why do the rest of them use their last names only?)

Anyway, I have to confess that I see a chemistry between Doggett and Scully that I don't really see between her and Mulder. There was some romantic chemistry in the first season, but it seems to have grown into a deep and powerful friendship (which is great to see).

So, lay it on me. Did everyone hate him? Why is the most common pairing for him on AO3 with Monica Reyes?


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