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Work's been interesting. They're still not training me on data review, and they've come up with - well, my department manager has been coming up with increasingly ridiculous and unrealistic barriers. The most recent one is insisting that the lab director's said I need to be able to run three instruments on my own on the weekend.

Now, I know that this isn't reasonable and isn't something anyone else has had to do. However, I did do it, this past Saturday.

I'll be talking to the Operations Manager, who's my boss's boss, on Tuesday. I need to spend some time collecting a list of my boss's poor training methods so that I can make my point to the Ops Mgr about the problems in my department. I don't expect anything to change, really, and I'm aware that this is sort of burning any hope of fitting into my department, but I'm pretty sure I'm not staying past the end of my contract.

The problems I'm having are problems that anyone new to the department would have, although I think they're exacerbated by the fact that the manager and the jerk guy who unofficially runs the department (NOT the manager, please note) both don't like me.

That's fine - they don't have to like me. They do have to train me, though. I do hope that I get the training I'm supposed to have so that after I'm done here, I can put data review and analysis on my resume.
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Geordie had to go into the local office late this afternoon. Turns out, one of the guys who recruited him, and who wants him on his team, is in town, so I told him he should go to dinner with the group. He'd been heading home, but really, he should go to dinner.

This means I'm on my own for dinner, as Merrie works until 9:30 tonight and I don't work today. I should go put my laundry in the dryer, though.

I'm working on writing a short story - it won't be one I'll sell, but I'll make it free for people on my writing blog. When I set one up. I've got the pseudonym already.

Re: work stuff, though. This place really earns its low glassdoor rating. The training is still not adequate, and there's something else going on. We've an intern and she's getting the training that I should have gotten. They're carefully showing her everything, then watching to make sure that she knows what she's doing, and correcting any mistakes she's made - all without her needing to ask for anything. She was loading instruments within the first week of training and they barely wanted me in the lab for the first month. At this point, I fully expect them to spend lots of time training her on data analysis, which is the one thing I'm really interested in learning. Needless to say, they haven't given me any training on it. I've asked and every time I ask, they say that they'll 'get to it when there's time'.

The thing is, I work the afternoon/evening shift. Several times, when a gap in my training comes up, my manager says that he thought the afternoon analyst had trained me. But they'd kept me on day shift for so long because the day shift analysts (the manager and the other day shift analyst, who's a total pill) were supposed to be training me (and weren't). I sincerely doubt they're going to be training me much on the data analysis.

A couple of times, recently, little things have irritated me. I missed a spike into one of the vials, so the entire batch had to be re-run. This has happened before, to the other analysts. When my manager spoke to me about it, he specifically said that maybe I need to figure out a different process or technique, so as to make sure this doesn't happen again. It's happened once in over 500 vials since I started actually being able to load instruments. Hell, he's done stuff like this and I don't see him rearranging his process.

Several times, my manager has said that he - and others - have taken the opportunity to test their own things, like home water samples, on the instruments, after all regular samples have been run. So, one day, when we didn't have a lot of samples, I tested a small amount of my favorite hand lotion. I used a method which gives 500X dilution of the original sample, so as to be very sure my sample wouldn't damage the instrument. (And, as it happens, I know for sure we were testing something truly foul in the actual sample batch.)

I told my manager about it and he explained that I ran a serious risk of damaging the instrument and that I shouldn't do things like this without approval from the lab manager and ... (and incidentally, my lotion is very low volatiles).

I just feel like there's a lot of hypocritical behavior and it's annoying. Mostly, I'm going to keep my head down and ignore as much as possible.

Geordie and I are seriously thinking of moving to the East Coast; his new job will pay him the same no matter where he lives, and my contract is up at the end of November. Moving in December would be a bit wonky, but we can swing it, we think.

Anyway, it's past my bedtime, so good night.
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I've been fighting with this laptop since I got it, less than a year ago. It's always running at about 100% disc use and often at very high memory use - all for things like System. It's a Dell computer and it shouldn't be this slow and clunky.

So, finally, after it gave me several really bad signs in the past couple of weeks (slow or nearly no start up, terrible lagginess), I've decided to just re-install Windows 10 and see if that fixes it. I'm finishing up backing up my info now, and I'll log out of the programs which will be wiped out by the re-install, then I'll Be Brave and go for it.

Apparently, there's a way to do the reinstallation without it removing all my personal files, so I'm going to try that first. If that doesn't work, I'll download the OS onto a USB stick and try for a fully clean installation, then put all my own stuff back.

Geordie's gone for another week of training, but this should be the last of it until October, when there's a week of Yet More Training. This time he's in Chicago for a week (well, Mon-Fri, and all he'll see is the hotel and the training place. Very boring.). The one in October is around Boston. He's looking forward to that one more.

I'm going to try to get the house a little cleaner this week, but mostly, I'll be using my mornings to write and then working all afternoon and evening. Ugh.

The job is weird. I'm finally actually doing instrument loading and sample spiking without supervision (from choosing which samples through prepping and loading them), and I'm supposed to be working all alone on Saturdays (which will entail starting the instruments from first calibration), but somehow I'm still lagging behind. Yesterday, the analyst who's a total pill was there with me. He started the instruments even though our boss specifically said that I was supposed to start at least one of them, so I could learn how (and be ready for working by myself). I mean, I'm grateful for the help, but not for the refusal to let me learn my job.

Also, they're training the intern on exactly the same stuff, only she's actually getting the training and practice that I'm not getting. I don't know why - she's only in our department for a month or so, and they're rushing her through the work. Why didn't they do that for me?

I mean, I don't exactly *care*, only ... it's offputting and annoying. Is it that I confirm that what I'm doing is correct too often, so it looks like I don't know what I'm doing? Maybe. I can quit that (I have quit that, mostly, and I can try to not do it ever again, but every so often, I've been told something wrong by one of the other people, so the double and triple checking is good.)

Regardless, I am getting to do more of the work, and I'm beginning to pick up overtime, which is a good thing.

My pictures are diligently copying over - the percent copied is increasing, but the time remaining has remained static. I have a lot of pictures. Sometimes people ask me why I don't keep most of them on a separate drive and the answer is that this is my only computer and storage space for them, so I want them all in one place in case of emergency. I don't want to lose most of my pictures just because I didn't have time to grab the Photo Drive during a fire.

I think it's time for lunch. Mmm, lunch.
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It's been a couple more weeks and I'm learning new things at work every day. Some of them are interesting but others are annoying.

Training is a joke )

In body news, mine still isn't quite right. I haven't had a chance to get to the hospital to have the oddity in my abdomen looked at, which is annoying. Also, I'm still steadily gaining weight and I'm tired of it. I don't like having to keep buying new clothes, I don't like the way I feel sluggish and bloated all the time ...

At least the awful cough is getting better. It's not gone, and I'm not sure why not - I've been taking the proton pump inhibitors daily. I'm still eating cough drops like they're going out of style (LOTS of menthol is the only thing I've found which can suppress the cough) and I seem to have reached a plateau. I'd like the damned thing to be gone, though.

Good night!


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