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So, today's the day my weekly fanfic chapter is due. Why am I poking around on tumblr?

(Spoilers: because I'm a procrastinator.)

The thing is, the chapter's in my head the same now as it is when I'm overtired and stressed at 1am, so why do I let myself get so distracted?

Time to go write.


Nov. 26th, 2016 12:24 am
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I haven't missed a week on my fanfic in 108 weeks. I'm very proud of this - it's been hard, some weeks, to get the chapter finished and posted.

I always intend to write the chapter during the week so I don't have to stay up late on Friday night to write it. I've only managed that two or three times, I think. Time to work harder.
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It's Friday and I haven't left the house. I got stuff done, and I'm writing this week's chapter of the ongoing fanfic, but mostly it's been a day of refuge and hiding. Every bit of news is dire.


My fanfic, though, is tremendous. It's 257,000 words or so, and it's still going. I'm hoping to finish before it's 300K, but each time I think I have an end-count, I find that it takes more in-story time to get from one place to the next.

I haven't linked it here in a long time, so here it is: Unexpected Music.

It's Hobbit/LotR fandom, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Durin is the main pairing, with many background pairings. Explicit, but not excessively so. I thought I was writing a fun romp through what it would be like to date a rock star and then a wild plot appeared in the tall grass and I captured it with my poke-ball.

Or something.

Bilbo, a well-known professor of organic chemistry at a local college, writes fantasy in his spare time. When his nephew Frodo's parents go on a round-the-world cruise on their small boat, he plays host to the teenaged boy and the entertaining pack of friends who follow him around. This means, however, that when Frodo wins tickets to the big end-of-summer concert, Bilbo must chaperone, and Rock has never piqued his interest quite so much.

That's the summary on AO3, but it's not really indicative of where the story's gone. I'll have to update it.

Anyway, enough procrastination. I have to finish the chapter so I can post it around midnight.


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