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My first Big Final of the quarter was yesterday. I'd been studying (cramming) for it for a little while, and then I spent the whole of Monday studying and then was on campus studying in a group for it from about 9:15 am. The test was at 2.

Somehow, it seemed like all the studying I did was still for the wrong stuff, but the test is over, and it's time to concentrate on other things. Like the tests I have tomorrow.

One of them is at 8am - that's Instrumental Methods of Analysis. I need to finish writing out the homework that'll be due for it and then study the old test, because his new tests are just like the old ones, but with slightly different numbers (and occasionally different names). He's letting us have two pages of cheat notes for things like equations, but he says we're not supposed to have "words" on the sheets, and that he'll be checking. So, we can write out equations, but not whole problems.

Except, who the hell can fill two sheets of 8.5x11" paper with just equations? Many people are planning on putting equations and stuff on one sheet and worked problems as examples on a second sheet. If he does check, then they'll just put away the "wordy" sheet and use the equation one. That sounds like a reasonable response, to me.

The second test is at 4pm, and it's the one I'm annoyed at. That teacher has been mostly vague and hand-wavy all quarter about things - and she's shown us LOTS of videos expecting us to learn things from them that the videos don't really teach (no, a video from youtube about spelunking - no matter how professionally and scientifically done - won't actually teach us about biogeochemical cycling. No.).

She's assigned a 100 point take-home test as well as an in-class all multiple-choice test. I resent having two finals.

Anyway, I got home from the test yesterday, we went out to Costco to get stuff we needed/wanted in bulk and had polish dogs while there, as a treat/light dinner. When we got home at about 7:30, I lay down in bed for a minute or two and ... woke up at 10:45pm with Geordie asleep next to me in his robe (both of us on top of the covers). So I took out my contacts and we crawled into, as I put it whilst half asleep, "actual bed".

I slept this morning until 9:30.

Um, apparently I was tired.

Anyway, it's time to write out homework. See you later!!


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