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So, I took the job. It's not perfect, but it's a job-in-the-hand and I'm not foolish enough to pass that up, especially at this point in my career. I'm well warned about their work practices, and I'm very much an adult who's worked in toxic places, so I'm comfortable going into what might not the the most excellent job situation.

Really, though, right now I'm just delighted that I have a job finally, and that I'll be able to go back to paying my own bills and stuff. I'm so tired of being a Kept Woman, oh my gooooood.

I start May 30. The shift is Tues-Sat, 1-9:30 pm. It's always against commute, and I'll be coming home when it's cooler (it gets HOT where the job is). Oh, and the title is Volatiles Analyst, so I'll even have something reasonable to put on my resume later.

I'm hoping that Geordie and I will be able to go on a short trip between now and the 30th, to celebrate.

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I forgot to say, yesterday, that I had a great conversation with a local recruiter. It's odd; I've talked to several recruiters, but since most of them aren't themselves in science, and most of them aren't local, so there are specificities about the biotech industry which are missed.

This guy is from the Bay Area, he's spent time in San Diego and LA, and is now back up here. He's got a Biology degree and asked intelligent questions about my skills and experience.

Anyway, I'm going to meet him tomorrow, to discuss more about how to get me a JOB!
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I've got a job interview at 11:30, with Becton Dickinson. It's a phone interview, so I'm sitting here in my comfy clothes, with a cat on the chair behind me. I tried closing the door to the room I'm in, but she got upset and started yelling and scratching, so I think it'll be less distracting with her snoozing on the chair.

I'm nervous, but not really because it's a Big Scary Thing, just ... something like minor stage fright. I'm about to have to talk to a New Person and Sell Myself, always a complicated thing. I'm confident in my skills and pretty damned sure I can do this job, but still, there's always some anxiety in trying to sell oneself.

I don't have experience with one of their big things, using a Flow Cytometer. My school didn't even have one, so there's no way I could have gotten that experience. I do have experience with some of the slightly less easy to obtain things, like writing instructions for complex tasks and synthesizing skills into clear protocols, so I'll be selling those hard.

It's only a half hour thing, so I'm really not as anxious as this makes it sound.


I've had the requisite MAJOR FUCKING PANIC as well; both of my phone headsets had gone missing. It's not a super big deal - I can certainly hold the phone to talk into it - but using the headset makes life a lot easier. After searching everywhere (including the car!), I discovered the headset in the room I'm using to interview in, sitting calmly RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE I STARTED SEARCHING, on the printer. *sigh*

I'll post again when it's done, but I'm trying to get back into regular updates, and this is important.


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