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We're watching the Great British Bakeoff. It's as good as people said - the first two seasons were fun, and now we're watching the last one. It makes me quite pleased that I'm not on the show, though; seriously, they're thrown into the deep end from beginning to end, aren't they? Yikes.

Merrie's up in Seattle, at ECCC with friends. Geordie and I are enjoying the time on our own. We like having her at home, but it's funny to be just the two of us.

He and I have spent lots of time together alone - we have gone on weeks-long road trips together, literally just the two of us and no one else. Someone at his work said something about knowing people who, when they retired, had to learn how to spend time together without anyone else and that some of their relationships didn't survive the retirement. Geordie and I don't have to worry about that!

Which is good, because he's just been laid off, sort of. The company he worked for ... two years ago, I guess, was bought by a company which immediately was bought by a large computer company. The middle company wasn't really working out, so their product sort of stalled... which made the large company decide to cut its losses.

So, they've laid off half the staff in the group, which is about 120 people, including all of the salespeople for that group. The layoff is unusual: they're still nominally employed until May 1, and if they don't get a different job before that date, they get the full total of their vacation pay, and they get both the stock options vested immediately and the full quantity of the 4-year bonus program that they'd originally been offered.

They're being paid for the period between now and May 1, they're welcome to come into the office and have as much of the free breakfasts and lunches as they want, and they can still ... work? (only, there aren't any tasks for them to do). I think we'll be going on a trip in these next couple of months.

He's been looking at jobs in other parts of the country, both in the Portland Or area and maybe up in New England. He'll really like New England, although I'll freeze for the 6 months of winter. I prefer the Pacific Northwest, myself. I fit better into the culture and I love the mystical redwood forests.

I've been doing lots of knitting, and I think I forgot to post there that I finished the Hobbit fanfic that I'd been working on for over two years. I'm super proud of it; I'm still writing side bits of the story, but I'm honestly thinking of finding out if I can print it out and get it bound, so I can have it on my own shelves. I can get Scrivener to compile it to ebook format and then use Lulu, maybe? It's nearly 300K words, though, so it's fucking massive.

Anyway, there's lots of work to do, even though I don't yet have a job. Ugh.

Good Day

Mar. 31st, 2016 06:48 pm
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Today was a very good day. It's a school holiday - Cesar Chavez Day - so I slept in. Well, there was a delivery while I was still in bed, but after dragging the big box inside, I went back to bed to cuddle with cats and read stuff online.

Then Merrie and I went out. We stopped for breakfast at a nice local place, Anna's Coffee Shop (she had french toast with eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon, which was perfectly done; I had eggs con nopales, which I can't get anywhere else). Then we went to CVS and picked up a prescription for Geordie and contact lens stuff for me. After that, we crossed the street to the dollar store, where we got more magnifying glasses for me (they're making them in cool patterns and colors now!) and ended up picking up a variety of other things - gardening odds and ends, a jump rope (have to start exercising!), a glow in the dark *glove* (!!!)...

We stopped into Starbucks for coffee and ran into the cousin of a friend (Hi, Skellington!) and ended up having a great conversation about her work on campus sustainability and the weird implementation of the city's new food-waste program (spoilers, it's great for breeding flies, not so great for health safety), and the Merrie ran into someone who does online stuff she's interested in.

After that, we went to the public library so I could check out the text I need for the photography class. I found several other books I wanted, and then Merrie found that the library has a seed bank, so we joined the seed club and got some interesting tomato and pumpkin seeds.

Finally home, where we lay in the sunbeam on the floor in the kitchen, with Bo-Cat, who enjoyed the attention greatly.

Then Geordie came home and was amused at us splayed out on the floor. After a few minutes, we went into the bedroom and built the new headboard, which was the early morning delivery.

We've got sweet smelling sheets on the bed, delicious leftover Indian food from going out last night for dinner, and I've got an angel food cake and supplies to make really tasty looking orange cream frosting for it.

AND, I don't have class tomorrow, so I'll be able to do some work setting up my weekly fanfic chapter today and maybe get it finished during the day tomorrow instead of super late.

I've got a little classwork to do and I'll spend tomorrow doing that, as well as more laundry. Laundry never ends.


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