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So, I haven't been keeping up the daily records here, but I've been writing them out by hand. I think I should post them here and back date them, so I have a continuous record here. I like writing them out by hand and I have a nice little moleskine book with page-a-day space. It's supposed to be a To Do Diary sort of thing, but I find that unless I can see my whole week or month's schedule, I forget that something's due until the day it's due.

Which brings me to my car registration; I should have gotten the renewal form in the mail and haven't. I'll be going online and getting that done tonight, oh golly yes.

I got an email from a recruiter; one of the jobs he'd been talking to me about last year has decided they do want to interview me. The company gets pretty awful reviews on glassdoor, but they're paying over my minimum, the job is temp-to-hire, it's swing shift (which gives me mornings to spend doing creative things, or sleeping), and it's a job, which is really the thing I need. Without the first job, no matter how terrible, I can't get the second job, which will (one hopes) be better. Etc...

I'm hoping to get today's chapter of my fanfic finished early. I've got most of it thought through in my head, now I just need to get it out through my fingers. Then I can knit and hang out later tonight with Geordie.

Dammit, I forgot to get something out of the freezer for dinner. Argh.

I think that's it for now. Time to stop procrastinating.
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Already Monday, in the New Year. The past two days have been relaxing and quiet, which I think is a hopeful start for this year.

I bought a Page-A-Day moleskine journal in a pretty purple, because I want to keep better track of my daily life - the little daily boring bits. These two days haven't been super exciting, but it's nice to write things down anyway.

Geordie got me a drawing tablet for Christmas. I'm really excited - my old one was was, uh, 20 years old or so? Anyway, this one's got active pen pressure and the active area is HUGE. There's a lot I want to do with it, and one of my goals for the year is to learn more about how to draw with my eyes on the screen and not on my hand. Phew, it's trickier than it sounds.

I'm still working on setting goals for the new year, but they'll include publishing my writing, getting a job in my field, blogging regularly (on Medium and maybe Wordpress), and reading and reviewing at least 30 books.

Tomorrow I've got several errands to run and I'll be taking Merrie out to practice her driving.
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It's 10:30pm on Christmas and I'm so tired. Nearly a week ago, we all had a major blow-up between us (started by Merrie, who went completely off the rails and was angry at Geordie about something that he hasn't done, hadn't done, and wouldn't do. This led to a few days of tenseness and anxiety, but now things are mostly smoothed over. It's sort of like papering over giant cracks, but with enough paper, they'll hold weight.)

About three weeks ago, one of my old friends through my ex-husband got back in touch with me on Facebook. I mean, she got in touch with me at all on Facebook, just I hadn't heard from her in about seven years.She said they missed us and wanted to be in touch, regardless of their relationship (and my lack of relationship) with my ex.

So today we went to their house for a while. I haven't been there in seven years - it was amazing. Everyone remembered me, there were so many familiar faces. Her family is huge, both in number and in size. She and her husband are both taller than me (not hard) but also large. Their children, who are just about Merrie's age, are GIANTS. Taller and bigger than Geordie, the two boys, and the girl is just about his size and weight. Very nice to hug, honestly, but I felt so TINY.

We'd started a turkey roasting before we left, got there about 2, ate gumbo and dessert, chatted with so many people (and made a few potential job contacts?!), and then had to leave in a hurry when my ex-husband showed up. (We'd known he was going to come to the party, he comes every year.)

At home, we finished cooking the turkey, made sides, ate Traditional Christmas Dinner with a bottle of champagne, and then I cleaned the kitchen. Now there's laundry finishing, my feet are sore, and I could totally just go to sleep. (I'm sure the half-a-bottle of champagne isn't helping).

We have cats snuggling and nice knitting to do, while we watch a classic Christmas movie, Die Hard I.

Oh, I've gotten to the heel of a pair of complicated fair isle socks. I haven't been working on them steadily until recently. Once I finally got going, they started moving right along. Of course. They're very pretty.

I hope you had a good holiday and that you're enjoying yourself as much as you can.
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Well. Up again mostly on time and out into the cold house. I don't know what's up with this house - in the summer it's sweltering and in the winter it's freezing. In summer, we leave the front door open (the wooden door, not the metal security door - that's always closed and locked) and the house is nicely aired out, but by September, if you leave the door open past 2pm, the house heats up and then won't cool down until midnight. I mean, it heats up more - it'll get plenty warm even with the door closed.

In the winter, the house never gets warm. We've got a heater and it's chugging along, but the house just never warms up properly, no matter how much sun there is. We can get the house to basically tolerable if chilly, but no warmer. My toes hate it.

Anyway, I drew some cards - I haven't mailed holiday cards (in years), but this year feels like it needs a little more cheer spread around, so I'm planning on sending out End of Year cards. I'm drawing little ACEO sized 'coloring cards' to include for people. I can get about three done at a time before I start to feel like there's something more urgent to do.

I got those done, I made a nice brunch of cooked rainbow chard, a fried egg, and fried tomato slices (dry fried, really, in a ceramic nonstick pan) and then started painting a gift for some friends. (Which reminds me, I need to check with them about having us swing by on Christmas.) (Done.)

Now I need to write this week's fanfic chapter.

We're having Chinese food for dinner - it's tasty and relaxing. And we don't have to cook it!
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Monday, I baked the fruitcakes. I'm looking forward to eating them in another week. All the recipes say they should be left, with frequent boozy bathings, for at least two weeks. We're starting to get boxes of gifts delivered - it's a fun time of year.

Also, I finally made the stars I wanted to from the soda and beer cans I've been saving. My hands got a bit cut up, but I like the stars. I'll be making more. We went out after dinner to get beers in interesting cans.

Tuesday was much more exciting. Merrie wants to learn how to drive and we were going to get her professional lessons, but they're super expensive. Since she's already had some lessons, in an automatic, I'm going to teach her some driving in mine. I have a manual, which I love. We went out to Alameda, to a part of the island which is mostly deserted during the day. She drove! She practiced going through the gears and then surged and burbled her way around on the roads. Yes, I've got insurance for her - no worries.

We stopped at Starbucks; there was a HUGE branded mug there - easily big enough to be a large plant pot. It was a hundred bucks, so far too expensive to buy, but oddly tempting.

On Wednesday, Merrie and I went to see Moana (for the second time) at the local theater here in Hayward. We stopped into the little bookstore here and I found copies of two books I used to have but lost. (They might be buried in the boxes I have in storage, but for now, that's as good as lost.) Native Tongue and its sequel, Judas Rose. I'm about halfway through Native Tongue, but I haven't had a chance to finish it yet.

Thursday was Merrie's birthday!!!!! We hung out and had a relaxing morning, then Geordie came home from work and we went out to sushi dinner. Then, we ate the delicious birthday cake I make for her every year: Birthday Cake.

Friday was quiet. I got housework done and fought this week's chapter of my ongoing Hobbit fanfic to a standstill. Sometimes the chapters are easy, sometimes they're awful. Ugh.

Saturday, I picked Merrie up at work. We went to get Fenton's ice cream (which she'd wanted for second dessert on Thursday) and then she drove a bit more.

Sunday Geordie and I went up to Napa and drove around through the nice day. Chilly, but very pretty. We stopped into V Sattui (a great winery) and then came home in the gathering dark.

Monday was mostly housework for me - I got the front room cleared up a bit, caught up on the kitchen and laundry, and got some presents wrapped.

Today I went out with Merrie to the post office and mailed a couple of things to the UK. Then she went off to meet a friend for Rogue One and I came home to see Rogue One with Geordie. If you've seen it, I'd love to talk about it.

Now it's bedtime!

DR: Nov 30

Dec. 1st, 2016 12:59 am
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I woke up at 9:50, then stayed in bed till just after 11. I had softened spinach with an egg and cheese for breakfast, with psyllium gloop. Merrie wasn't up yet. Then I talked to a friend on Tumblr about the Humans are Pets story and got a lot of it worked out. Merrie was got up around then. She made rice for us to share, but I couldn't have it immediately, because I was trapped under Luna. I got a bunch of knitting done, but I'm going to run out of that color yarn. Maybe if I hadn't used some of it in the MKAL shawl.

Luna's been snoozing on the couch all day with me. I worked out some 'inspirations' for the Humans are Pets story as well, so I have things I can look at to remind me of what I want to write.

I did a load of dishes, then Geordie came home. It's been really cold and our house doesn't heat well (it gets cold and stays cold) so the three of us went out for Chinese food. We went up to East Ocean (hot and sour soup, shrimp fried rice, szechwuan shrimp, and sizzling chicken in black bean sauce - everything delicious), and they gave us complementary dessert (hot sweet tapioca soup). It's... well, it's not the worst dessert I've ever had, but it's certainly not something we're used to.

On the way home, we stopped at Loard's ice cream in Castro Valley (Merrie got a pint of bubble gum for later and a small scoop of egg nog, Geordie got a quart of burgundy cherry, and I got a small scoop of maple walnut.).

Back at home, we sat on the couch, finished season 8 of X Files and watched the original 1970's version of Gone in 60 Seconds. I think we're not going to watch any more of X Files. Adding Doggett was fine, but making him and Reyes the main characters isn't what we want.

The original Gone in 60 Seconds was interesting. Slow, compared to the more recent one, and very unbelieveable. Fun, though.

I have 8 more rows to do in the shawl and then it's done. I'll have to find a ball of yarn to use as a second color. I don't want to break into a whole ball of something just for these 8 rows, but I don't have any partial balls of a color that goes well. I'll see tomorrow in the light if the sandy brown I have works. Here's hoping.

DR: Nov 15

Nov. 15th, 2016 10:44 pm
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I took Merrie to the doctor's office today. She needed to have her implanted birth control replaced - it's been three years and it's time for a new one. She had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get what she wanted, but she's got ACA coverage through Kaiser, which is what she prefers. AND, the ACA covers contraception entirely, so she got it all done for free.

The replacement was due this year, so she'd have had to get it done anyway, but she made sure to rush it, given the current political situation.

Anyway, it all went well. The doctor was very good; she cut through the previous tiny scar, yanked out the old implant and shoved the new one in. On the way home, we stopped off at CVS to get some green coverup makeup to hide the last bits of the cold sore for my meeting/interview with the recruiter tomorrow.

(This is really just a meeting, not a real job interview.)

We went to Pigeon Point to try to get crab on the first day of the season. The boats didn't have any crab, so we'll go back on the weekend. We can't wait - Merrie and I love dungeness crab.

I've been working on a pair of fancy socks as a holiday gift for Geordie.

DR: Nov 14

Nov. 14th, 2016 10:47 pm
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I didn't sleep as well last night, but today was good.

I needed to do some shopping. I needed something from the craft store and some groceries. I went to the craft store first, so the groceries wouldn't sit in the car. Turns out, there's a Safeway and a new-to-me dollar store in the same shopping complex as the craft store.

I make crocheted dish scrubbies, hyperbolic crochet shapes; I need to use acrylic yarn for these. Synthetics hold the structure better, and pure acrylic is abrasive enough to clean dishes without scratching them. I got a greens mix and a bright yellow.

I thought I'd just browse through the dollar store, but in the end, I found LOTS of stuff that we could use. I got bells for Merrie to use in a Sabriel cosplay, I got fresh vegetables (seriously, they had good quality veg), I got coconut milk to use in making holiday caramels to give to friends ...

Then I picked up the yarn I needed and found some GREAT giant safety pins to make into Safety Pin pins. A quick run through Safeway and I went home where I cleaned up the kitchen after ignoring it all weekend.

Cauliflower cheese, garlic bread, and shredded pork in tomato sauce wrapped in bread for dinner.

I'm going to make fingerless mitts to match the shawl I just finished. I've a ton of yarn left. At least I'm stashbusting, right?
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I just wanted to say to the Daily Record people, there will be duplication; you'll see more than one post some days, with mostly the same stuff.

DR: Nov 13

Nov. 13th, 2016 11:55 pm
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I made a nice nest again and slept well - and late. We went out, then, to go to the coast; largely just to get out of the house.

Traffic was, not unexpectedly, bad over towards Half Moon Bay, so we ended up driving up 1 and along the Great Highway, then up to Pt Reyes. We stopped into Nicasio Valley Cheese and bought a sampler pack of their cheese as well as 2 small bottles of a local hard apple cider we've never seen before. We've had it before - it's delicious and we had fun looking at their factory. After that, we drove through Pt Reyes Station and got good bread for later.

We went to the old life boat station, near Drake's Beach. The cove was filled with crab boats down from the Pacific Northwest, waiting for Tuesday, when crab season opens up. On Tuesday, we'll be going to Pigeon Point and getting fresh crabs from a boat. Merrie and I cannot wait. Anyway, there were deer and hawks all over Pt Reyes.

Finally, back home through terrible traffic. Instead of waiting in long lines on the freeway, we took back roads and drove through Sausolito and up around the Marin Headlands. At home, we had the cheese and bread, with salami and fruit and the apple cider for dinner. I love these random dinners.

Along the way, I finished a large shawl! I worked the last couple of rows and then bound off in the car, ending the bind off long after dark. I wet blocked it and it's pinned within an inch of its life to the carpet in the front room. It's HUGE - 72" wide and 24" deep. I'll post pictures in a couple of days.

I'm a little disappointed in it, though; it's a MKAL (Mystery Knit A Long) and it was supposed to contain a particular technique. It did, but only very little and ... I just wanted more. However, I'm glad I have the technique mastered - it's a new one and I love to learn new knitting. I have a couple of other patterns which use the technique and I'll be able to do them much more competently now.
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So, I used to keep a nearly daily record going here - I posted a summary of my day, every day. (Well, not quite every day, but most days.)

I'd like to go back to that, but I don't want to spam people here. I've got a filter up and, if you want, you can opt-in.

My life isn't very exciting, but still.


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