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Dec. 5th, 2016 12:20 am
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Up late again - I'm not getting to sleep quickly but somehow after 6am I'm sleeping very hard. Dunno what's up, but I wish it would quit.

Anyway, up late again, but we went out almost right away. After a quick stop at Starbucks for coffee (in our own mugs), we drove around a bit, ending up going over the Dunbarton Bridge. In Redwood City we found a nice little diner and ate. I had the Obama omelette (olives, bacon, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, american cheese) and Geordie had a Joe's Omelette (something like Joe's Scramble, but in omelette form). Very nice (although Obama was a bit salty, heh). Good coffee, good service, good food. We should remember it.

After that, we drove around more, just randomly. Geordie called his mom (every Sunday) and I knitted while they chatted about general stuff. We drove through San Francisco, then back over the Bay Bridge. In the interests of not going straight home (and because I wanted to) we went to the Half Price Books in Dublin. I got three Trashy Romance Novels to read for mindless relaxation and research, and a book about bookbinding with two binding methods I haven't seen before.

After that, we got frozen soup dumplings and pot stickers and candied jujube at Ranch 99 Market. I was expecting the 'sour' jujubes to be hard candies but they're actually the real fruit! They're not at all sour, and they're quite nice. I've been thinking of making fruit cake and these would be great in it. I'll soak them for a few days in booze.

Then home to find that Merrie had not only cleaned the cat boxes as I asked her to, but had taken out the trash as well. We ate the food from Ranch 99 for dinner and I started to knit a pair of fingerless mitts in Crocodile Stitch. (Or if that doesn't work, Images, so many images)

Mine aren't as smooth as many of the ones I've linked to, because I'm using Noro sock yarn which isn't even in size - some of it is nearly as thin as thread and other bits are much thicker. It's a pretty mix of dark red, orange, blue, green, yellow, and dark blue. I'm looking forward to making them. (I try to have a pair of mitts for every jacket pocket I have and I've some empty jackets, so ...)

Also, I finished the lace shawl. It's very nice! I'll need to download the charting pattern I use and work up the chart (and pattern) and then post it for testing. THEN, I can put the pattern up for sale! Go me!


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