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OH, right, I forgot something.

So, I've had these two stupid criminal justice courses this quarter. They both have take-home finals (I finished them and turned them in over the weekend - they're "due" today).

I've gotten emails from a couple of people from both classes, asking for help. Two of the people are people I know and have talked to in class. One was from someone fucking random who just emailed me saying they didn't understand the questions and could I help?

I said that the questions were asking us to analyze the physical evidence and that the teacher was in his office all day to help.

FFS, I'm not going to take your fucking test for you.

And what's worse is that the classes aren't hard, they're not complicated, they're not asking for anything at all difficult to do. Read a story, list the points of conflict between the two people telling their versions of the story, look at the physical evidence available and determine which bit of evidence supports which bit of story and why it does/doesn't.

These are people who are going to be our new cops. They can't - and aren't really being taught how to - do logic.

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Let's see, where did I leave off?

I'm deeply unhappy with my teacher for the three Criminal Justice courses this quarter. I mean, he's a total asshole. He's said several awful things and he's anti-science, which is sort of weird from a guy who insists (INSISTS) that we use the term "Forensic SCIENTIST" rather than just say "Forensics".

It's hard to articulate what exactly makes me think he's anti-science, but it's in his tone and subtle things he says. He keeps saying things like "you can't trust lab reports. They don't say what you think they do." And as an example, he discusses (repeatedly) a situation in which a gun is sent for DNA analysis. The gun shows three people's DNA, including from your suspect. However, he says, this doesn't mean what you think it does - it doesn't mean that your guy did the shooting.

Of course it doesn't and no one from the lab would think of saying so. All that anyone from the lab would say is that this shows that your suspect probably handled the gun at some point.

Don't blame the lab for your own conclusion jumping.

Also, he says things like, "This is what you'll want to get from your lab geek." *sigh*

Also, he said that people with a 'normal' psychological makeup can feel and do respond do guilt. Other people, such as psychopaths, and the mentally ill, don't feel guilt. He said it once, very non-explicitly, but then he repeated it a few times later in more than one lecture and in more than one course.

I just ... It makes me so angry that he'd say something like that to a class of proto-cops. No wonder we're having such problems with asshole cops if this is what they're being taught.

Admittedly, I'm only taking the courses required for the Forensic Science Option add on for the Bio BS, so I'm not taking the full courseload for an actual CrimJustice degree, but ... well, if these courses are representative of how they're taught, then I think we're in for a long haul of continued civil rights problems.


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