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Well, I have been very busy today. I wrote half of two lab reports for school, I baked three loaves of ginger banana bread, I cleaned the kitchen, I figured out what’s wrong with the way my independent study project advisor wants me to do the initial tissue purification, I watered the garden, I wrote more than my daily minimum of words to make my monthly challenge, and I knit several rounds on my daughter’s ‘yoga’ socks.

I’m tired.
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So, there’s this thing, Hippo’s Creativity Challenge. It’s been going on for a couple of years and sounds interesting. Basically, you tell them what your creativity goal for the month of May is, then they make a giant spreadsheet with everyone’s goals. Then you email them with daily progress reports (as simple as, yes, I did a thing today) and they post weekly updates on Tumblr under the tag #hippo’s creativity challenge. There’s a FAQ here.

I’m signing up because I want to do more creative stuff and I’m finding myself sort of … drifting rather than buckling down and Getting Stuff Done.

My monthly goal is to write at least 30,000 words in May! And my bonus goal is to either knit at least 2 rows or rounds of one of my knitting projects OR to draw one or two small drawings every day.

I have added a personal stretch goal of posting at least three things to sell online each week.

10K of the writing is my usual once-a-week 2500-word fanfic chapter, and the rest should be covered if I can write at least 700 words a day. (I did the math for 750 words a day and deliberately have claimed fewer words, so if I don’t make my goal for a few days, I won’t miss the main goal.)

The knitting part, the ‘bonus’ goal, is a little vague, as I have many different projects going and I wanted to cover all of the knitting options. I assume the posting things for sale is self explanatory.


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