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It's 10:30pm on Christmas and I'm so tired. Nearly a week ago, we all had a major blow-up between us (started by Merrie, who went completely off the rails and was angry at Geordie about something that he hasn't done, hadn't done, and wouldn't do. This led to a few days of tenseness and anxiety, but now things are mostly smoothed over. It's sort of like papering over giant cracks, but with enough paper, they'll hold weight.)

About three weeks ago, one of my old friends through my ex-husband got back in touch with me on Facebook. I mean, she got in touch with me at all on Facebook, just I hadn't heard from her in about seven years.She said they missed us and wanted to be in touch, regardless of their relationship (and my lack of relationship) with my ex.

So today we went to their house for a while. I haven't been there in seven years - it was amazing. Everyone remembered me, there were so many familiar faces. Her family is huge, both in number and in size. She and her husband are both taller than me (not hard) but also large. Their children, who are just about Merrie's age, are GIANTS. Taller and bigger than Geordie, the two boys, and the girl is just about his size and weight. Very nice to hug, honestly, but I felt so TINY.

We'd started a turkey roasting before we left, got there about 2, ate gumbo and dessert, chatted with so many people (and made a few potential job contacts?!), and then had to leave in a hurry when my ex-husband showed up. (We'd known he was going to come to the party, he comes every year.)

At home, we finished cooking the turkey, made sides, ate Traditional Christmas Dinner with a bottle of champagne, and then I cleaned the kitchen. Now there's laundry finishing, my feet are sore, and I could totally just go to sleep. (I'm sure the half-a-bottle of champagne isn't helping).

We have cats snuggling and nice knitting to do, while we watch a classic Christmas movie, Die Hard I.

Oh, I've gotten to the heel of a pair of complicated fair isle socks. I haven't been working on them steadily until recently. Once I finally got going, they started moving right along. Of course. They're very pretty.

I hope you had a good holiday and that you're enjoying yourself as much as you can.


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