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Well. That was interesting.

First of all, there were other people from the company I work for. One works for an associated company, but he described himself as an employee of my company. The longer I talked to him, the more I realized that the fact that he's in QA means he's ... not really very chemist-y. he said a few things about stuff that happens at other labs which I found appalling, but hey, not my business. And he didn't name the lab, so there's little I can do about it anyway.

I had to go to the bathroom halfway through the test and saw one of the best and most relied upon analysts from my own lab taking the test in the back of the room. I don't know if he saw me. Yikes! Geordie says I should ask him on Monday how his weekend was. Heh.

The test itself was a mixture of basic questions about what kinds of instruments do what sort of analysis to difficult, detailed mathy questions about concentration with conversions from one measurement type to another (say, from mg/L through molarity and then to ppb). Also, one question asked us to do standard deviation by hand, on the fly, without the equation being given.

Geordie described them as 'student questions'. Ugh. Some of the questions I could answer, but others I poked at, then just picked a number. I don't need to get a perfect score, I just need to pass the test well enough to get to the interview stage, which is next. The score which matters is the post-interview score, which is the official hiring order. Obviously, a lower number is better than a higher one. I'll hear in two weeks if I passed.

The hiring list will be used to fill this, and any subsequent, openings; currently there's only one opening. The list might be used to fill other job openings as well, and it lasts for at least a year, so it's a good thing to be on.

There were also at least two other kids from my graduating class, which I found funny.


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