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So, Buttercat's been increasingly ill. She lost a lot of weight a year or so ago, suddenly and drastically, and was always STARVING, but I took her to the vet and they said there was nothing wrong. However, she's been declining - eating less and generally just not as happy as she'd been.

Merrie set up an appointment for her today. Turns out she had catastrophic renal failure - one of her kidneys was HUGE and the other one was just teeny. Her blood numbers were all way off as well - her phosophorus was more than twice what it should be, for example. One thing was so high that it wasn't even measurable.

Anyway, we had her put to sleep, poor little thing. She was purring, right before the whole thing, which she hasn't done in days. Poor Merrie just cried and hugged Butter's little body. It was NOT nice. (Not that it should be, but, well. There you go.)

The vet has a cremation service, so we'll get Butter's ashes back in a couple of weeks, in a nice engraved cedar box with a "slot for a picture". It was a nice thing, when we thought we'd have to bring Butter's body home and try to figure out where to take her for cremation on our own. The price wasn't bad at all, especially since it means we don't have to worry about anything.

So, after bringing Merrie home, I went out clothes shopping. I'm going to a job fair for EBMUD this coming Saturday and I need a wardrobe for professional stuff. All I have - all I've had for more than ten years - is casual stuff. Jeans and tee shirts, with 'dressy' being a nicer shirt and my fancy cowboy boots.

That's not going to cut it, so I have to procure "nice" clothes, and sort of in a hurry. I hate clothes shopping. I'm short, I have a "difficult" figure, I have a limited budget for this, the clothes have to be "appropriate" for biotech (NOT quite the same thing as Business Professional), and I just can't ever make that damned Venn diagram work.

Figure-wise, I do go in at the middle, but I'm so small that nothing is cut right, and since I also have a bit of a tummy, some things which 'should' fit, don't. My cross-shoulder is 12" (shirts can go up to 14" on me, and jackets about 16", but even at that, the shoulder seams are starting to drip down my arms), my back-waist is about 12" as well, but my bust is 40" if my bra is basic. (If my bra is doing a good job, my bust is 41" or 42".) My waist is about 36", and my ass is 42" on a narrow day. My inseam is 24". Pants should be hemmed at about 27" for daily wear in flats, or just a bit longer if I'm going to wear heels (I usually hem my jeans about 28" inseams.)

What this means is NOTHING FITS ME. And, it means that after hours of hopeless searching, I can find a couple of shirts, at most, and maybe a skirt? Skirts are better than pants - they're easier to fit (they don't need to go round my crotch, which eliminates the snug-front action that my large butt makes common in dress pants), and they're easier to hem, hence easier for me to quickly tailor.

It's incredibly demoralizing to look at so many things and just be *wrong* for all of them. Everyone always suggests I shop in the Petites section. Unfortunately, "petites" often assumes not as much shape as I have, so I'm stuck there, as well.

After one thrift store run and two stores today, I have three skirts, two pairs of pants, three shirts, and two light buttonless cardigan thingies, all of which mostly go together. I have black tights as well, but no appropriate shoes.

Anyway, I came home and we went out to sushi dinner. Merrie loves sushi and she deserves a treat. We stopped off for flea shampoo for the other two cats - they've been itchy and we've found a few fleas which the back-of-neck treatment didn't seem to be dealing with.

After an exciting time bathing both cats, I had to do schoolwork. I've finished both homework sets for Instrumentation, but I haven't looked at the lab work I need to finish. There's just so much to do and I'm so tired.

Bed soon, I think.


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