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May. 15th, 2017 06:51 pm
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I heard from the recruiters about the job. They called the recruiters and said that while they like me (I interviewed well) and they think I clearly know my stuff (I studied, ffs), they are worried that I might not do well in the high-stress environment and that my schedule might not be flexible.

I responded that they asked about those two exact things and I was explicitly clear that I LOVE high-stress environments and that I am entirely flexible about my schedule.

So then, the recruiter said the job said they, "want to give you a shot, they want to give you the opportunity to 'join the team'." Soooo, turns out they want to pay me $4 less per hour than I asked for. If they'd had that as their initial pay offer, I'd never have taken the fucking interview.

They have a really low rating on for overwork and underpay and ... YUP. So Stachybotrys, this part of the company is the same as it was when you were there.

They asked if I'd be willing to START at the lower pay, with the possibility of a raise. I said, sure, if it's in a written contract with clear, measurable, reasonable, timely markers. Since they said it'll take 3 months to get to fully trained, I'd want the raise at 3 months.

The recruiters are telling them what I asked for (I didn't say the thing about wanting the raise at 3 months. I'll see if they actually come up with a contract.). If I get a contract to look at, it won't be until Wednesday. I figure they won't do it. OR, the milestones won't be measurable or achievable. Part of me wants to take it - I need the experience and I'm not getting any closer, but the other part is pissed off.

The recruiters have to call with updates, and they did say that they weren't expecting me to take the job at the lower pay. They wanted to know if I'd be willing to look at the contract, but didn't expect that I'd take it sight unseen. I don't know how the company is thought of in the industry, and I don't know how to check that part. I know that the experience would be good to have on my resume.

For the first 6 months, I'd be on the recruiting company's benefits. Regardless, I get them through Geordie.

This has made me aware of the different environmental testing companies in the area. I'll be applying to all of them. But yeah, it might be worth taking the job for the 6 months and then seeing. I mean, it's more money than I'm making now...

In fact, I've asked Geordie and I think I'll take the contract, if they offer, and use them (they're using me, so why not) to get the experience I need.
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