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So, I'm an official Probably Yes, but Still Maybe for a job. It's a job that I'd like, at a local environmental testing company. They're one of the biggest in the country, with branches all over. The office/lab I'd be working in is small, and is in Pleasanton. The hours are strictly non-commute and I'd be driving anti-commute anyway, so that's all good.

Environmental testing is pretty much exactly what I'd like to do and be involved in. All of my fellow students were inflamed with the idea that they'd go off and cure cancer. I'm interested in making sure we have a planet to live on.

The pay is what I've been asking for ($20/hour, plus benefits) for an entry level job. For the first 6 months, I'd be contracted through a recruitment agency, which pays weekly. It would be so nice to have a job again, and have a paycheck. I might just pet my bank account for a few months.

In other news, I've sent in two writing submissions to online publications. Neither is paid, as far as I can tell, but I want to get actual publication credits for that pseudonym, so even unpaid credits work.

My coughing is much better, which is great. I'm no longer unable to function without coughing up my lungs every five minutes.

I've made a few small things (a couple of crocheted bracelets, some small drawings), but I'm faced with (as usual) no follow through. Do I post them (pointlessly) on etsy? They're not selling. Do I try to make them into stickers for Redbubble and Society 6? (That's probably yes, actually.)

Okay, and also I need to get back to writing. So, off I go.

OH, last thing. Remember the lost password? I remembered it. It was exactly what I'd thought, only with one little variation. I've imported that journal over to Dreamwidth now and I'll delete it from LJ.
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