Apr. 11th, 2017

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Well, it's been a day, hasn't it? I managed to get into a huge argument with a friend on FB about the United chaos - he's a pilot and has always been much further Right Wing than I (given that he IS right wing and I'm profoundly Left), so for some reason, he felt like he HAD to defend the airline.

He tried several directions of attack, but he's not as bright as my friends and I, and in the end, he couldn't stand up to every one of us refuting everything he was trying to say. I did enjoy explaining why the no-fly list is unconstitutional.

Anyway, other than that, the day was nice. Geordie took Merrie and I out to lunch at a really nice Thai-ish buffet place near where he used to work. We ate tons of delicious food for not much money, then stopped at the store on the way back to get milk and odds and ends. We also stopped at Daiso for a new vegetable steamer (ours was old and was beginning to hold odors) and plant markers for the new seeds and stuff I've put out in the garden.

Oh! Merrie and I have started several seeds! We've got two kinds of tomato, an unknown cucumber (saved seed from last year, but I don't remember what it was from), a small melon, two kinds of corn (glass and yellow), catnip and ... something else, I think. Right, three kinds of peas, a dwarf bean bush (the bush is dwarf, the beans are full length), and we planted out some garlic cloves which had sprouted. Oh, and two kinds of carrot.

I need to put potatoes back in - I might go back to the local organic nursery and pick up some more of their organic potato starters, although I usually have good luck with regular old sprouted 'taters.

I've got a lace shawl pattern nearly ready for test knitting, another one that just needs to have the pattern written out for testing (literally, just the words. The damned thing is charted out already and everything.) and I managed to get some actual fiction writing done today.

Now I need to go to bed.


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