Feb. 10th, 2017

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I haven't heard from the phone interview. It's been just over a week (she'd said she'd get back to me in a week, but given how slowly hiring actually happens, I figured that it'll be longer.). I emailed the recruiter, though, just to check.

I've been to the doctor today. I have a deep cough that won't go away. Not productive, but sometimes in my chest. It's dry and hacking and, when it won't stop for minutes, becomes halfway to sounding (and feeling) like my body's trying to vomit. It's NOT nice. Drinking water doesn't help; sometimes it exacerbates it. What does help is extremely mentholated cough drops. Regular mints don't work. It feels as if I've got something stuck in the back of my throat, or a dry patch. Swallowing doesn't help, and it doesn't always happen after eating, so it's unlikely that it IS something real stuck in the back of my throat.

Also, there's a painful bit, on the right side of my innards, deep into my body just to the right of my navel. It's not my intestines - those I can feel and they're normal. It's also not my stomach - that's much higher (although it, too, can be painful when pressed on; I've a long history of acid reflux.)

Also, my blood pressure's been up (to 140/90) for the past few months. We think this might be connected to the recent increase in my synthroid dosage (although, now that I think about it, the bp was up before we raised the synthroid dose). Since it's not going down and it's holding steady (almost no fluctuation; I have a home bp tester and it's showing just about exactly what the doctor's does), we've started me on lysinopril, to lower my blood pressure.

I've got a referral for an ultrasound for my belly and I'll be getting an authorization for an ENT visit where, we hope, they'll run a camera down my nose to take a look at things. I'll ask for a copy of the video, 'cause I love to see this stuff.

I'd sort of like a new body, please. This one is breaking.


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