Jan. 27th, 2017


Jan. 27th, 2017 07:06 pm
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I'm posting this here because this doesn't cross over (much) with my Facebook feed.

I've a couple of 'friends' - more acquaintances - on Facebook who post things which make me so frustrated. They're petty little things, and not anything I need to be involved in, but sometimes I just want to say what I think instead of being politely encouraging (as is 'polite' now) or simply ignore things.

For example, one woman is 'on a journey of self-actualization' and yeah, we all need to know ourselves and all that jazz, but every single picture she posts is of her own face, but mostly blurred. Her eyes are usually sharpened and then the rest of her is Artfully Softened.

Yes, what she posts isn't my business. It's not the constant selfie-dom that really bugs me, it's the goddamn fuzzing. FFS, lady, you look the way you look (in her case, she looks quite attractive by any standard, certainly from the collarbones up, which is all she ever shows), so why the fucking Gaussian Blur-o-Rama?

It doesn't help that every one of these posts is over a slightly passive-aggressive statement about Learning To Love Oneself and Loving One's Flaws, to which all her friends jump in with the expected compliments and reassurances.

I'm aware that my annoyance with her doing this is my problem, so I don't say anything to her about it. Just ... sometimes I wish I could be direct with her.

Anyway, I'm going back to writing, now. Petty rant over!


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